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网易教育讯 6月7日上午,2015年高考语文科目结束,各地作文题出炉,今年的高考作文出得怎么样?网易教育独家连线新东方知名教师周思成,点评2015高考作文,他表示,最创新的题目是:2015年湖南高考作文题目——《有一颗大树》,最传统的是2015年福建高考作文题目——《路》。

《老外看东西》主持人司徒点评2015年高考作文 (来源:网易教育频道综合)

This question is creative firstly because we’re looking at an inanimate object talking to animals who apparently have travel stories to share; which is crazy! You never really think about animals travelling, but if you actually consider what they do every day they’re basically risking their life going from their hole to the place where they get food. On the way, they might get eaten, so every journey for them is like an adventure. Meanwhile, you’ve got a tree which can’t move. The tree here in my mind represents people who can’t broaden their horizons because they have roots, in the form of families or children. However, those children will one day leave home and they might be the travellers who get to live out their parents’ dreams. In a way, this is deeply tragic and rather sad.

These three sentences remind me of something that certain types of people post on their microblog when they think they’re being deep and philosophical about life. They’re similar to sentences like “there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it,” or “life doesn’t give you things you can’t handle.” Obviously these platitudes are ridiculous and wrong. For example, the final sentence: there’s no route that is off limits, only people who dare not tread that route. This is also wrong, because millions of people are born into poverty, and the route to the Ferrari showroom is clearly one that they’ll unlikely be able to tread; it certainly isn’t because they don’t dare set foot in such a place. However, many people will feel inspired by this because it suggests that everything is possible in life. Unfortunately that’s not true; modern life is rubbish. 

But I hope you all do well in your Gaokao and then once you’ve got into university and graduated with a degree you can finally start to work out whether these sentences are actually true.
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